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There are not many things in this world we enjoy more than delicious food. We sample a lot of different dishes when we travel because unique flavours often embody cultural histories. Street, traditional, modern, and everything in between, food gives us a deeper insight into the realm of people we visit and how they live. Sometimes, items that other cultures eat scare us (like insects or animal blood), but we never turn down an opportunity to try a new delicacy. What scares us more than eating crispy spiders or pig feet while globetrotting? Finding dishes we absolutely love and never eating them again. It’s happened before and, sadly, will continue to happen. So, what better way to immortalize our food adventures than to blog about all the local cuisine we try? Click on any picture to read a short info piece on each food and (if we can find it) the process of production 🤤 Hopefully the information and pictures will help you find great grub while travelling! Spread the word, dear reader—unless your mouth is full.

p.s If our food page inspires you to try something new, we’d love to hear about it 😀 There are so many things to try and we can’t possibly eat everything (although we make a valiant effort); so, if you’d like, please send us a message and we can add your picture/description to our food collage. Happy eating, Sailors!

European Desserts

European Dishes and Street Food

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