Hey, Sailors! ⛵

As you know, we are just a small blog trying to give readers helpful, genuine content! We do not believe in gimmicks, irrelevant ads, or biased opinion pieces. This means we do not make anything for our content via these sources.

We want to start dedicating more time to writing and take the Land Sailors to the next level 💪 That being said, we are doing a small fundraiser to offset blog costs and upkeep 😊

So, without further adieu, we are excited to announce that with every $5 CAD donation we will send a Land Sailors sticker, with every $10 CAD donation we will send three stickers!, and with every $15 CAD donation we will send 5 stickers PLUS a local postcard. Shipping is included for anywhere in the world ✈️

How do you donate and receive some awesome stickers? Click on one of our Paypal buttons located below. Paypal, credit, and debit are accepted! Next, drop us an email at OR fill out the “message” box in our CONTACT section with your mailing address and we will ship the next day 📮

Land Sailors Travel Sticker

3″ x 2″ oval shaped sticker


Land Sailors Travel Stickers

3″ x 2″ oval shaped sticker (set of three).


Land Sailors Travel Pack

3″ x 2″ oval shaped stickers (set of five) PLUS a local postcard


Thank you so much for your support 💜

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