Hannah’s Archways

Since childhood, I’ve always had a strange obsession with building structures. Even at University, learning about the construction process of earthquake resistant buildings fascinated me. I took one ancient architecture class on Pompeii and Herculaneum, hoping I would unearth a new career path, but, unfortunately, learning about brick composition wasn’t as fun as I had anticipated. That experience didn’t stop me from appreciating human innovation, however, and I still revere the topic!

Even though I haven’t put much time into studying architecture, I enjoy learning about it while travelling (mostly from great tour guides) and read about it occasionally at home. The things I love most about buildings are doors and archways. I wanted to take some of the prettiest things I admire and combine it with the most beautiful person I know. Cheesy, right? But the results are epic and I want to share these awesome archways and a little history of the buildings with you! (Click on the photos to learn more about the architecture style and history!)

P.S I am NOT an expert. If you see a mistake, message us! I am always learning and would love to hear about your experiences ☺️



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