Canadians, foodies, sports-enthusiasts, LGBTQ+. Bewitched by the travel bug, we vowed to explore each continent before starting careers. After graduating from the University of Victoria, we worked hard for a year to save for the trip of a lifetime. Figuring that a home-base would be best while travelling, we decided to research the best (and most cost-effective) ways to do this. In Canada, we played field hockey for UVic and other clubs which lead us to get connected with online international sports scouting boards. We happened to find a team in Germany looking for players and signed a year long contract. We arrived in Hamburg shortly after and met our awesome host families. Throughout our stay, we planned larger trips in Europe for every break and explored our surroundings in increments with each free day we had. At the end of our German expatriation, our journey would have led us to three months of globetrotting with our backpacks. Unfortunately, like many other travellers, COVID-19 forced us to cut our journey short. We struggled for a while, considering what could have and should have been. Instead of continuing to long for better days, we tried to make our days better with the beauty Canada offers. Even in our backyards we discovered wonders and found a new meaning to the word "travel." We are still excited by the possibility of voyaging internationally again in the near future, but our "explore each continent" vow may take longer than anticipated. Nevertheless, our "destinations list" grows indefinitely and as the year anniversary of our sudden departure passes, our desire to pack the Rav4 for a Canada road trip also grows. Overall, the goal for our blog is to give readers useful information and interesting facts about places they are travelling to. We would also love to share with you how easy it can be to continue your passions abroad and use them to find employment and residential networks. Enough about us, though, we want to hear about you! Message us for questions, inquiries, or to share your stories. We want to be as helpful as possible :) Or maybe we will just see you on the road 🚲 Stay well 💜 Larissa + Hannah

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