Top 5 Streets to Visit in Burnaby/New Westminister for Cherry Blossoms

Spring graces the Lower Mainland in late March or early April every year. With it comes wonderful flowers and blossoms to help both tourists and residents shake away winter blues. Tourism Vancouver offers an extensive list of places where sakura fans can flock to appreciate the delicate beauty around the city centre. BUT many other areas offer onlookers prime Instagram-worthy shots – Burnaby and New West are no exception! Many parks in the Lower Mainland have trees that blossom, but blossoming canopies offer photographers a different vibe which is often overlooked in our opinion. Not only that, but Vancouver proper also receives more attention for activities like these (which is why we want to give elsewhere a shoutout). So, without further adieu, here is our top 5 list of street cherry blossoms in New West and Burnaby! Just remember that blossoms disappear by the end of April so GET OUT THERE, Sailors!

1. 5th Avenue, NWM

This entire area around Queen’s Park offers viewers cute side streets littered with blooms and community libraries. The park itself doesn’t offer many blossoms, but Regina street, 3rd street, and near Royal City Centre also toss up pink snow.

source: Land Sailors Travel
2. Pender Street, Burnaby

This is a different look due to the predominant white blossoms! Not many places offer strips of white blossoms so this is a must-see in our opinion!

source: Land Sailors Travel
3. Frances Street, Burnaby

The area around Willingdon Avenue delivers pink, red, and white blossoms with many different species of trees. Poking around the main road (Hastings Street) is also recommended as well as Williams street! While there aren’t rows of trees all the way down, the solo or small group trees offer awesome city/nature shots.

source: Land Sailors Travel
4. Hythe Street, Burnaby

This is our second top pick due to the city view visitors receive on top of the blossoms! If you’re walking, be prepared for a hill!

source: Land Sailors Travel
5. Charles Street, Burnaby

If you have time to only visit one street, THIS IS IT. We will let the photos do the convincing.

source: Land Sailors Travel
source: Land Sailors Travel
source: Land Sailors Travel
source: Land Sailors Travel

That’s all for now, Sailors! Enjoy springing past those winter blues but HURRY because the blossoms don’t last forever ๐ŸŒธ ๐Ÿ’œ

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