I’ll start this article by stating that ATMs in Europe are *mostly* *safe*. *Mostly* meaning that you shouldn’t use questionable machines in alleyways susceptible to identity theft technology. *Safe* meaning that your identity won’t be compromised, but your bank account may be emptied more than it honestly should. Trusted Private European companies include: Euronet, EC, Bankomat, and Your Cash. That being said, it is ALWAYS better to use ATMs inside of banks… Read More

So, you’re a Canadian who wants to live in Germany? Welcome to the Deutsch expat family 🇩🇪 I hope this step by step helps you more effectively than sifting through Government websites. If you’ve come here and you’re not a Canadian citizen, I highly recommend checking out Goats On The Road as they have an extensive, multi-country guide. Alternatively, please read on as a lot of the requirements are similar or identical!… Read More